About the Studio

New York City-based Sergio Mercado Design Studio specializes in residential projects and hospitality interiors in broad reaching locations from Manhattan, Connecticut and New Jersey, extending down to Miami and Palm Beach. Critically acclaimed for creating breathtaking spaces that are at the crossroads of contemporary design and timeless comfort, it is the Studio’s mission to curate a personal aesthetic for its clients by employing bespoke color palettes, luxurious textures, and well-cultivated detail elements.

Client collaboration is the cornerstone of every project, as we unite on a shared vision for each individual environment. Whether it’s an urban loft in Tribeca, a family townhouse in Brooklyn, or the next thing in the Miami restaurant scene, it’s our personal relationships with our clients that drive the well-honed creative direction and design of each unique space. Over the years the Studio has been honored by what we consider to be the highest of compliments -- our many repeat clients -- and as one client expressed in The Franklin Report, “Everything he turns his attention to is done artfully.”

About Sergio Mercado

Sergio Mercado studied Interior Design at the University of Miami at a very young age, where he found himself inspired by the sleek contemporary designs coming out of California. Pursuing his dream, he found a home at the studio of BaMo Inc. in San Francisco, where he was free to explore his passion for design, experiment with materials, and develop his signature style and aesthetic. After many successful years on the west coast, Sergio moved back east to assume the role of Creative Director at Clodagh Design, where he engaged his own style with the iconic brand for many years.

Now heading Sergio Mercado Design Studio into its seventh year, Sergio continues to pull his inspiration from textural materials, contemporary lines, soft palettes, and a refined industrial aesthetic. Sergio enjoys interpreting the world through a modern lens, while respecting the traditional tenets of interior design.